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New XOOPS theme coming up!

Hello everyone! I’ve been working hard on a new ‘refresh’ of my sites design, and I have decided to bring my new theme to XOOPS. And the good news is that it’s already nearly completed, and it looks gorgeous! It’s a standards compliant theme that runs in all modern browsers, even in IE9 and up (as noted before, I don’t support any browsers that aren’t up to date). It’s packing the same design as here, […]

Quick-tip: how to avoid getting your stylesheet cached

Ever since I’ve started using openDNS my stylesheets constantly get cached which makes it really hard to develop – so here’s a little trick on how to avoid getting your stylesheets cached. It’s very simple. Instead of doing this: [php]<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" />[/php] We’ll use this: [php]<link href="style.css?<?php echo time(); ?>" rel="stylesheet" />[/php] This bit of code, echo time(); will display the time which is different all of the time, so it effectively avoids getting […]

Getting started with HTML5 offline cache

Hello everyone! This is one where I was afraid for: offline cache. A fear which really isn’t needed at all, as it is really a piece of cake to get started with offline caching in HTML5. I’m now using it on two of my websites, this one included, and it takes only minutes to get started (although I’m not completely sure if I did it right, I think I did 😉 Getting started! First of […]

New design plus new tutorials coming!

Hello everyone!   Just a quick update to tell you guys I’ve updated the design of my blog, to make it a bit more blog-like. Also, I’m going to add a lot more tutorials, as that’s one of the more popular kind of posts here. Currently, I’m working on a XOOPS theme that will be full HTML5 which also supports ‘theme expansions’. It’s already being coded, and it will feature nice things: I’m making it […]

Tired of it all…

Hello everybody… long time since my last serious post Sorry for me not posting a lot lately but I’m really getting tired of it all. My life hasn’t been too easy or too fun lately. Fun has been strangely absent, just like any form of luck. But don’t worry, it’s not going to be a “rage” post, I’m going to explain why. It’s time I get this from my shoulders. This year, 2011, started quite […]

Now for sale: premium xoops theme Faster 2

Hello everybody!   Today I’m introducing the new version of my #1st paid premium xoops theme, Faster. This version is named Faster 2 (I’m really bad with creative names 😉 ). The theme has been made for XOOPS 2.4/2.5 but it should run on older 2.x releases too. It’s a 3 column theme with a fixed width of 960px (which can be easily tweaked). Included is a special site closed template The new version includes […]

Small updates :)

Damn, I’m silent 😉 I’ve just updated my blog a bit and stuff will get refreshed here soon. Got lots of work to do 😉 You’ll be seeing me here a lot more and I’ll also use this site a lot more. Kevin

Faster update coming along nicely :)

The update to Faster is going fast. Yesterday, I made 3 new colors: grey, blue and purple, but I might add some more. The PSD’s of these are also going to be included in the updated package. I’ve also started to code the new colors, purple first, and had a working version of the purple layout (though very rough) but I’ve updated the stylesheet switcher and that has me on a changing header only atm […]


Well, I expected a bit more, but hey everybody would. Let me get you up to date… Recently, I’ve released my first XOOPS premium theme, called Faster. I had moderate hopes for it, as it didn’t include special features – I’m still working on those, but they will be in Laguna, my next premium theme. If I will release it, that is. My theme, Faster, is for sale for € 3,99, which includes free support, […]

Hard at work :)

I’m always busy lately. Always doing stuff, even stuff I don’t like at all. I’ve just finished the Spellborn Fan Hub Secret Project #1, which was a total redesign for both the forum as the portal. Now they have a nearly identical look, though there are some small differences. And SMF it’s template system is an absolute nightmare: all html layout code wrapped into php echo statements, which looks really messy – you don’t have a […]